Franklin County Auditor

Election Information and Forms
Given the authority by Iowa Code, the County Auditor serves as Voter Registrar and Commissioner of Elections. The Auditor conducts all federal, state, county, city, school, and special elections. We maintain and update the voter registration database for all registered voters, prepare the printing of ballots and/or programming of voting machines as well as ordering election supplies, train precinct election officials and provide information to see that election laws of Iowa are obeyed.

After an election, the Auditor certifies the results to the state or to the political subdivision involved, and issues certificates of election to the proper persons. Some election records are maintained permanently, others for a specified period of time.

Voter Registration

Absentee Ballots
Voters wishing to receive an absentee ballot by mail must submit a request in writing to the County Auditor's Office.

The request must include:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Signature of the person(s) requesting the ballot
  • Name and date of the election
  • Address where the ballot is to be mailed if different from the registration address

Citizens may fill out the Actual Application for Absentee Ballot Form (.pdf) as an alternative to the above to ensure that they include all the required information. This form may be obtained by going to the Iowa Secretary of State's website.

Mail the signed request form by the absentee request deadline (which varies with each election) to:

Franklin County Auditor's Office
12 - 1st Ave. NW
PO Box 26
Hampton, IA 50441

Absentee Voting for Military Personnel & Iowans Overseas

Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Forms

Voting in Franklin County


Franklin County Auditor's Office

12 - 1st Ave. NW
PO Box 26
Hampton, IA 50441


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Auditor Contact Information

Franklin County Courthouse
12 - 1st Ave. NW
PO Box 26
Hampton, Iowa 50441

Phone: 641-456-5622
Fax: 641-456-6001

Office Hours:
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Monday - Friday

of Elections

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2nd Deputy

Real Estate/Drainage Clerk

Clerk/Voter Registration