Franklin County Comprehensive Development Plan
Adopted 4/5/2010

This 100-page document contains the text, tables, and graphs of the comprehensive development plan. When viewing with Adobe Reader, it is recommended that you use the bookmarks to help you navigate the document. To do this, select View | Navigation Panels | Bookmarks.

The plan contains an index of maps. To keep the document size manageable, these maps are listed individually below in PDF  format. Click on the map name to view the page.

The comprehensive land use plan, required by Iowa law for those counties wishing to enforce a zoning ordinance, annexation, urban renewal tax benefits and other land use controls, is developed to be the county's primary guide for future decision making. It is comprehensive in nature, assessing current conditions and making projections about population, housing, economic conditions, and land use issues.

The core of the plan is comprised of two areas: Goals and Objectives for a 15-20 year period into the future, and a Future Land Use Map displaying an ideal pattern of future land uses and development. The goals and objectives should agree with the land use map, and vice versa. Included within this executive plan are the overall goals and objectives and the proposed land use map. Supporting data is also available within the main body of the plan, as well as additional policy recommendations for the future of Franklin County.

County Comprehensive Development Plan

The Franklin County Comprehensive Development Plan was updated and adopted by the Board of Supervisors on April 5, 2010.

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