Franklin County Environmental Health

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. How do I obtain a septic or well permit?

The Environmental Health Director issues septic and well permits. Septic and well permits are $150 each. Call 641-456-4090 or for more information.


Q. Can I, the homeowner, install my own septic system?

Yes. You may obtain rules and regulations from the at 641-456-4090.


Q. Is a permit needed for repairing a septic system?

Yes. Permits are required for building new septic systems, as well as any repairs to existing septic systems.


Q. What is a perk test?

A percolation test is required before any septic permit is issued. Basically, it is a soil test to determine how fast water will soak. This determines the amount of drain field needed. It can be done by the homeowner or a licensed engineer/contractor. We also use soil maps and test hole to determine the leach field.


Q. What is the "Iowa Grants to Counties" program?

This program offers free water testing and cost-share money for plugging wells and rehabilitating other wells. The cost of this test will be paid for under the "Iowa Grants to Counties" program funded by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and administrated by the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Please contact the  at 641-456-4090 for more information or to arrange a time to draw a water sample.


Q. Can I bring water to the Environmental Health Office?

No. A county official will come to your home to obtain the sample. If the homeowner is unable to be at home during that time, the sample can be obtained from an outside source.


Q. What is the water tested for?

The water is tested , at no charge, for coliform bacteria, e.coli bacteria, and nitrates. More tests are available at a cost to the homeowner.




For more information regarding environmental health topics and services in Franklin County, contact the Environmental Health Director by  or call 641-456-4090.

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