Franklin County History

Courthouse Statues

In reconstruction, the statues had been removed. There were four statues remaining at the time. In 1977, Clifford Carlsen, Sculptor from Wesley, Iowa, was commissioned to restore the four statues and create a new "Justice" statue for the top of the Courthouse. The original "Justice" was damaged during a severe windstorm during the night. The next morning when one arm and "balance scales had fallen off and lit on the south steps of the courthouse, by way of joke, someone said, "Now there is no more justice left in Hampton." The cost for restoring the four statues was $12,000, and the cost for creating the new statue of "Justice" was $10,000. The completed statues were brought to the Courthouse and displayed in the rotunda early in 1979 so that the public could get a close view of them. They were raised to the top of the Courthouse in 1979.

"Justice" is the figure on the extreme top of the Courthouse. The statue denoting "Law" (holding the tablet of laws) is located on the northwest corner. The statue denoting "Agriculture" (holding the sheaf of wheat and the grain cradle) is located on the southwest corner. The statue denoting "Commerce or Industry" (showing the barrel, etc.) is located on the southeast corner. The statue denoting "Mercy or Peace" (shown with head bowed and arms outstretched) is on the northeast corner.


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