Franklin County Community Resource Center

Community Services is the county department that provides social services to residents of Franklin County. There are services for people with disabilities, including mental health disabilities. There are also services for people without disabilities and people with substance use concerns. These programs and offices are located in the Community Resource Center.

Franklin County Offices

Other County Offices

Other Non-County Offices


Franklin County Offices

Provides assessment, referral and coordination services for people with mental health needs and disabilities. CICS is made up of 10 counties that work together to develop support for people looking for help with mental health or developmental disabilities. Each county has a service coordinator that will help you find and apply for programs and services to reach your goals. CICS is also able to pay for services for eligible individuals.

Disability Services Coordination
Disability Services Coordination is designated as the "single entry point" for people with disabilities. Franklin County's Mental Health/Disabilities Policies seek to provide individualized supports that ensure choice, empowerment, and community integration for people with a mental illness, an intellectual disability, or other developmental disabilities, while effectively managing costs. The Disability Services Coordination process includes determining eligibility, assisting with referrals to service providers, monitoring services, tracking all service costs, and establishing a quality assurance program.

General Assistance
Community Services administers the General Assistance program based on the Franklin County General Assistance Policy Manual approved by the Board of Supervisors. Franklin County General Assistance may offer short-term financial assistance to qualified people for such things as rent, utilities, prescription medications, transportation, and burial/cremations. Assistance is limited to the following: (1) "Poor Persons", meaning person who have no property, exempt or otherwise, who are unable, because of physical or mental disabilities, to earn a living by labor. (2) "Needy Persons", who are those not meeting the definition in #1 above, yet meeting the financial eligibility of the County Assistance policies.

Substance Abuse/Addiction Services
Substance Abuse/Addiction Services may be coordinated through the Franklin County Community Services Office. Franklin County only funds court-ordered detoxification services (contracted providers) and commitment related charges. Individuals wishing to apply for county-funded detoxification services and are financially eligible, may download the Central Iowa Community Services Application at, complete the information requested and return the completed form to: Franklin County Community Services, PO Box 58, Hampton, IA 50441 or you may fax the form to 641-456-2852.

Other County Offices

Environmental Health and Sanitation


Responsibilities include: issuing on site wastewater treatment permits (septic system permits); issuing private well water construction permits; inspecting septic system sites and well sites; inspecting tattoo parlors and tanning salons; inspecting pools and spas; administering State of Iowa Grants-to-Counties funds; water testing; well and cistern plugging; well rehabilitation; working with the local Board of Health on environmental health topics; educating the public on environmental health topics.

HIPAA Compliance Office


Master Matrix Representative


The master matrix is a scoring system that is used to evaluate the siting of permitted confinement feeding operations. Franklin County has adopted a construction evaluation resolution and uses the master matrix. Producers must meet higher standards than other permitted facilities. Before they can be approved for construction, they must earn points on the master matrix for choosing sites and using practices that reduce adverse impacts on the environment and the community. Producers must have 50% (440 points minimum) of the total score and at least 25% of the available points in each of the three subcategories of air, water and community impacts to pass the master matrix.

Planning and Program Development


The primary activities of this department include appointments to represent the Franklin County on various Boards and Commissions, Inter-Departmental Planning, and working on grants, including Franklin County's Community Betterment Grant.

Planning and Zoning


The primary activities of the Planning and Zoning Department include: approval of Building Permits and site plans; working with the Planning Commission on Land Use changes; working with the Zoning Board of Adjustment on Variance and Conditional Use Permits.

Weed Commissioner


All landowners are required to control noxious weeds on their property to eliminate seed production. Weeds growing within city limits, in abandoned cemeteries, along railroads, streets, and highways, as well as on farmland, or any private or public land, must be controlled. The Franklin County Weed Commissioner enforces the Iowa Noxious Weed Law (Chapter 317).


Other Non-County Offices

Behavioral Health Options
Ken Zimmerman, LISW, provides individual counseling and services including: assessment, outpatient treatment, brief and urgent based interventions, consultation, mediation, family conferencing, training, employee assistance and contracted services. He accepts private insurance, Medicare and Title XIX. He has an office in Mason City and also offers therapy on Thursdays in Hampton by appointment. You may be able to get in without an appointment in an emergency. Satellite Office

Berryhill Center for Mental Health
Dr. Melanie Porter, Psy. D. is a licensed psychologist who conducts psychological assessments and provides therapy to adults, adolescents and children. She accepts private insurance, Medicare and Title XIX. She has training in the following forms of therapy: Cognitive-Behavioral, Behavioral, Dialectical-Behavioral, Parent-Child Interactional, and Interpersonal. Sliding scale payment arrangements are also available for those without mental health coverage. She is available on Fridays in Hampton by appointment. Satellite Office

Central Iowa Recovery
515-832-9550, 515-832-9550 or Local 641-373-0182
Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Service provided by Central Iowa Recovery (CIR), is a service program delivered to adults with chronic mental illness by CIR staff with the mission of assisting individuals to “Choose, Get, and Keep” a life changing goal in their “Living, Learning, Working, or Social” environments. Individuals receive 4 to 10 hours of service per week. Services are provided at a minimum of 1 hour per week of one-on-one contact and other contact through groups or “cohorts” when beneficial to the individual. Individuals are assisted in developing the awareness necessary to choose a goal in their living, learning, working, or social environment. The focus is on the individual’s need to make a change, commitment to make a change, self-awareness, environmental awareness, and personal closeness. Satellite Office

Iowa Department of Human Services
800-873-1340 or 319-267-2594
Provides support and information on several topics with assistance for finances such as: food assistance, job training, cash assistance, child care, child support, medical insurance help, as well as mental health and disability services. No cost for information, individual service fees will vary. Medicaid and Food Assistance applications are available on-site at the Hampton office. Open by appointment only. Satellite Office

Iowa Vocational Rehabilitation Services
641-422-1551, ext. 44554
The mission of IVRS is to work for and with individuals who have disabilities to achieve their employment, independence and economic goals. To be eligible to receive vocational rehabilitation services an individual must have a disability which causes major problems in getting, preparing for, or keeping a job, and require VR services to be able to work. IVRS also assists the business community in employment of qualified individuals with disabilities through no-cost consultation and employment services. Open weekly by appointment. Satellite Office

Juvenile Court Services
Performs intake and screening of all delinquent referrals made to the juvenile court by law enforcement and the supervision of children who have been found by the court to have committed delinquent acts.

Mason City Clinic Psychiatry
Offers psychiatric services monthly by appointment. This includes initial evaluation, determination of medication needs and medication monitoring. You may be able to get in without an appointment in an emergency. Satellite Office

Monarch Therapy
Offers individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, relationship therapy, Behavioral Health Intervention Services (BHIS), and play therapy. Monarch Therapy provides ethical, genuine, and quality therapeutic and in-home counseling services to individuals and families while upholding each person’s right to self-determination, compassion, and equality while providing empathetic interventions and treatments.

North Iowa Community Action Organization
Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) - Helps families pay a portion of their winter heating costs. A one-time payment will be made to a heating or fuel company to supplement the cost of heating bills. Additional financial assistance may be available for furnace repair/replacement and the cost of an air conditioner for medical reasons. Eligibility is up to 175% of the federal poverty level for the previous fiscal year. Open Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Hampton. Satellite Office

North Iowa Vocational Center - NIVC
Since 1969, NIVC Services, Inc. has been “Helping People Work.” NIVC helps local businesses find reliable employees and provides support for the people they serve working in their communities. At NIVC Services, they know that when people work, they earn a sense of self-worth as well as a paycheck. Their training and employment services help over 400 people with disabilities earn nearly $1.5 million dollars in wages each year. These earnings benefit their clients, their clients’ families, and local businesses. NIVC Services matches dedicated, reliable employees to area business needs and provides job readiness skills, job placement, long-term follow along support, workforce diversity and has an 85% retention rate after 90 days.

Prairie Ridge Integrated Behavioral Health
A private, not-for-profit corporation that provides quality addiction treatment and prevention services to individuals and families. Prairie Ridge completes assessment and placement screening for adolescents and adults. They provide a number of specialized treatment groups, including the Access to Recovery Program, family therapy, gambling services, test for nicotine dependence, Women and Children’s Program, OWI programs, outpatient services for both adult and adolescents, and intensive treatment programs. No one is refused services for inability to pay, Medicaid and health insurance are accepted.


Community Resource Center
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